Dualtron X | 2021 GiveAway Announcement

OhManDan makes 2021 [ Dualtron X ] Beast Scooter GiveAway Winner Announcement.

Part Two – On Getting Your Bike Ready For the Up-and-Coming Riding Season

Part Two series on how to get your bike ready for the up-and-coming riding season and save yourself some money. Here is a complete guide to all you need to Know About Motorcycle maintenance for the four cycle motorcycle. Even if you applied motorcycle storage tips before putting your bike away for the winter, you’ll want to go through this checklist before hitting the road this riding season. In part one we covered; 1. Battery. 2. Air Filter: removed and then clean the air filters. 3. Fluids the first thing you wanted to is check your fluids levels. 4. New plugs. Now is a good time to go hand in changer spark plugs. 5. Tires. Keep your tires correctly inflated. check the tire tread and make sure that there are no major cracks. Now on to part two.

Buying Custom Chopper Kits – 2 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Chopper Kit

More and more people are deciding to purchase a custom chopper. Although they can have one built by a specialist these cost quite a considerable amount of money. Therefore many are actually opting to build their own and so will purchase one of the many custom chopper kits now available. In this article we offer some tips that could prove useful and which you should be thinking about when deciding what of the many custom chopper kits you would want to buy.

Places to Go in 2009 For the Motorcycle Enthusiast – 2009 Motorcycle Schedule

Whether you are a biker or you love watching bikes in action, bike rallies are your favorite place to be! For bikers, these rallies are the place to pump up the adrenaline and ride your bikes like never before. It is also an opportunity to dress up your bikes in a crazy, quirky way and compete with other such crazily done up bikes.

It Doesn’t Have to Be the Best

IT JUST HAS TO WORK!! I know most motocross guys out there will tell you that you have to have to best bike, the best helmet, the best gloves, the best boots, etc. But I’m here to tell you, and this only makes sense, that when your just riding for fun, and your just starting out, you don’t need the best of everything, it just has to work.

The Ducati Monster

The bike which saved Ducati from financial ruin in the early 1990’s, the Ducati Monster has become one of the most iconic bikes of the past twenty years. From humble roots as an aircooled naked bruiser it has become more refined, more powerful and better handling as each generation emerged. Initally blessed with the aircooled desmo engines from the Ducati Supersport range, the Monster has since received the very best powerplants that Ducati has to offer, pulling technology from the Superbike ranges in the form of the all conquering 916 and 996 engines, the 999 Testastretta engine, going from carburetted to fuel injection ensuring that emissions targets were exceeded and performance boosted. From the humble beginnings the bike has become an accomplished performer in its own right and quite correctly been given the “Cinderella” treatment, going to the ball dressed in the very best that the motorcycle racing industry has to offer, Marchesini, Ohlins, Termignoni and lots of lovely carbon fiber, a true star in the motorcycling world.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Motorcycle rides can be a source of immense exhilaration and adrenaline rush to the rider. There is a unique feel to the experience of rushing across the road in a bike without a care in the world, feeling the wind hit the face and racing ahead of normal life without caring too much for what is left behind.

Motorcycle Auctions – How to Save Money on a Bike Purchase

Provides tips on purchasing a motorcycle via a motorcycle auction. This article discusses advantages and disadvantages of getting a bike and auction and specific on how to get the best deal on a bike.

Motorbike Stunts

A wheelie on a motorized vehicle is not a new motorbike stunt. In drag racing, they are considered as a problem of robbing control that could be used to increase the speed of the vehicle faster, and many classes of drag racing use wheelie bars in order to stop them. However, those are the vehicles specifically built for drag racing, which rarely are street-legal, or customized from stock. In contrast, since at least the 1970s, some motorbikes straight from the outlet floor were able to be wheeled.

Some Facts, Fun and Money Saving Tips About Scooter Bikes

Scooter Bikes have been around since the early 1900’s and originated in Asia, France and Italy. Most people when they think of motor scooters don’t realize how far they have come in regards to durability, safety and range of speed. Motor scooters not only have improved dramatically as to their safety but can travel up to speeds in excess of 75 miles per hour and carry a passenger easily. They can handle 300 to 400 lbs in weight for most scooter bikes and will range as far as engine size and accessories.

Used BMW Motorcycle Parts – How to Choose Piece by Piece

The first motorcycles were in fact just simply motorized bicycles that had engines attached to bike frames. Over the years they have developed into very complicated machines. Technology was put to work to increase control, fuel economy, speed and comfort.

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