Dualtron Thunder 2 | First Impressions

OhManDan shares his 1st Impressions after unboxing, examining and Riding this Beast..

Motor Scooter Origins and Technology

When we speak of motor scooters, we are essentially referring to small vehicles with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine mounted towards the rear of the vehicle. The first types of scooters appeared on the roads back in the 1920s which was also when they were first patented. In those days, they were not motorized meaning they were propelled primarily by human strength.

Mini Choppers – Cheap Bike Offers

There are a number of dealerships offering good deals on mini-choppers. These deals vary from gas powered to electric powered and custom made bikes.

Open Season – TCLOCS and ATGATT Spells SAFETY

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Welcome to the grand opening of this year’s motorcycling season. To the non-rider it is hard to describe the feeling that comes over the avid rider when the uninhibited sense of freedom washes over you, knowing you will be taking to the roads. Riding safely and responsibly is vital for everyone on the road and it begins with the motorcyclist. Yes, it begins with you and me. Two primary safety topics that clearly spell out motorcycle safety: ATGATT and TCLOCS.

What is a Pit Bike?

So you’ve heard people discussing pit bikes, pocket bike mini motos and the like, but you’re not exactly sure what they are, or what people use them for? Pit bikes are becoming more and more popular every day, and people are flocking to this hobby in droves.

Mini Motorcycles

Some people think of Mini Motorcycles as actual Mini Motorcycles. Well, they are. But there are many more vehicles that are also under the same phrase “Mini Motorcycles”. These vehicles are great for whatever is needed, whether it be for fun, or for work.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle Tires Are in Top Condition!

If you are a keen biker and super conscious about safety issues while you are biking, the condition of your motorcycle tires should have a very high priority. The extent your tires get worn down is affected by a number of factors including the way you drive, the amount of mileage that you cover and the climate in the country where your reside. For example, bikers in Northern Europe and North America regularly encounter wet and icy conditions and these have their impact on tire lifetimes.

Planning a Motorcycle Road Trip

As summer draws near, the call of the open road beckons you to seek out new adventures. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your next motorcycle road trip.

Examining Modern Motor Scooters

In the 1920s, most parts of the world were undergoing the changes resulting from the industrial revolution. Countries like Britain, France and the United States had already made giant strides in this field. Other parts of the globe like the Far East were also experiencing an industrial re-awakening of their own.

How Safe Are Motor Scooters?

Since motor scooters took the world by storm, there has been a lot said about them. Various publications have written about them and TV shows have also featured them extensively. In a world where gas prices are constantly climbing, scooters have become the new way of commuting without breaking the bank. In some world cities such as Jakarta Indonesia, Calcutta India and Shanghai China, motor scooters are literally as numerous as motor vehicles. In the US, the scooters have also risen in popularity and have been used extensively as commute and recreational vehicles. But how safe are motor scooters?

How Popular Are Gas Scooters?

There are different types of scooters; those that are powered by human power (foot-powered), electric scooters and gas scooters. The technology that powers scooters has evolved greatly in the last few decades. Scooters first emerged in Taiwan in the 1920s. They were invented as a response to the Industrial revolution which was sweeping through this part of the world. Many workers were commuting to work by foot and public means and this was not convenient at all.

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