Dualtron Eagle Pro Top Speed Run

We are at the world famous Goodwood Race Circuit, testing out some of the best electric scooters on the market and next we put the Dualtron Eagle Pro through the paces! We used a 95kg rider on this run and all top speeds were recorded with a Dragy GPS performance box, for improved accuracy.

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Jumping Into Motocross With a 125

For the beginning dirt biker, a great place to start racing is on a motocross 125 CC bike. CC refers to cubic centimeters, which is a measure of how much air/fuel mixture is able to fit into the engine cylinders at full capacity.

Harley Maintenance – Aluminum Polishing

Aluminum is an important part of your Harley motor cycle. It will be a good idea to maintain it by polishing the aluminum for your Harley maintenance. No matter what kind of rider you are, fair weather rider, a rain, and shine commuter, you can cause your aluminum to be dull and oxidized. Instead of going to the factory for polishing, you can do it by yourself.

Adult Motorcycle Helmets – Exploring Your Options When Making Your Helmet Purchase

Are you looking to purchase an adult motorcycle helmet in order to satisfy the helmet law in your state, or simply to provide yourself with some protection while you’re out on your motorcycle trip? Well you’ll have no problems finding what you need because of the fact that there is a style available for just about any preference that you may have.

Men’s Motorcycle Jackets – Making Sure You Make the Right Purchase Decision

Men’s motorcycle jackets are on the top of the list when it comes to motorcycle gear and it is critical that you have one on every motorcycle trip. Why is it so important that you have one you ask? The answer is simple. They provide warmth in cold riding conditions, and they also provide protection to your arms and torso which is important if you’re ever in a wreck. The appearance is important to those who care about how they look, but should not be the sole factor used for making a purchase.

Three Essential Riding Gear

There are numerous sport activities in which both women and men can participate. Almost every sport allows you to exercise your agility and strength. However, of all the sports, motocross racing allows you to do this up to a maximal point.

Significance of Maintaining a Bike For Motor Bike Riders

Over the past few years, motocross has become one of the most popular sport biking event among sports person all over the world. Basically, this racing includes off road riding on selected circuits, using motorbikes which are specially designed for this purpose.

How to Deal With an Oil Leak in Your Harley Davidson

There are some ways you can do to deal with the blow-by oil leak in the Sportster of your Harley motor cycle. One of the blow-by solutions from the factory is the blow-by vents which are so far from the vacuum. This is crated by carburetor inlet. This condition leads the blow-by to puddle in the bottom of the Sportster air filter housing and then leak into the engine.

Motorbike Accessories – Discover the Ways to Accessorize Your Motorcycle

It seems that nearly every year there are new motorbike accessories that were developed and sold in the market. Decades ago, the only known bike accessory is the helmet. Some may be familiar with the goggles in the past.

Cleaning a Motorcycle

The vast majority of a motorcycle can be cleaned using the same processes and methods that would be used when cleaning a car, though there are a number of important steps that should be taken to protect it before and during cleaning. The most important thing to consider when cleaning a motorcycle is that any parts that should not come into contact with water and cleaning products are sufficiently covered & protected.

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Here are some tips for choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you: Different Types of Helmets First you’ll need to decide what type of helmet you are looking to purchase. There are several types of helmets, each has different features and pros and cons. For instance, there are helmets especially for motocross.

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