Dual-Motor Performance, Budget-Friendly Price – Synergy Aviator 2.0 Review

See what happens when we hack the P-Settings on this dual-motor, budget-friendly electric scooter! The Aviator 2.0 feels like a step forward for the industry. ⬇️ See Below for an Exclusive Discount ⬇️

Synergy Aviator 2.0
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P-Settings Guide:
Hold top button and bottom button together to enter P-settings
Bottom button to enter code number for first digit (code is 2626)
Use upper button to advance to next digit
Hold top button to enter code when done
Use lower button to advance through P-settings
Hold upper button to enter adjustment mode for each setting
Use lower button to change the setting
Hold upper button again to exit adjustment mode
Hold Both buttons again to exit P-Settings, or just wait and it will time out
Original ESG-Performance Settings
P00 Tire Diameter = 8 (Don’t change)
P01 Cut Off Voltage 410 (Don’t change)
P02 Number of Magnets = 15 (Don’t change)
P03 1 (Don’t change)
P04 0 = km/h, 1 = mph 1 (mph) 1
P05 0 = Zero Start 1 = kick 1 0
P06 0 = cruise on, 1 = off 1 1
P07 0 = soft start 1 = hard 0 1 (says “N-soft” on screen)
P08 0 to 100% 65% 100
P09 Regen Strength 2

Comparison Scooters:
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🛴Mercane WideWheel Pro: https://geni.us/WideWheelPro?track=ytr
🛴Wolf Warrior X Base: https://geni.us/Wolf-WarriorX?track=ytl

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🌐 Website: https://electric-scooter.guide/

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