Did They Get It Right? 5 People Test the Inokim Quick 4 Super

Tune in to see our first impressions of the Inokim Quick 4 (https://geni.us/qQhU3E) from the perspective of 5 different people!

Inokim Quick 4 Super:
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Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets – Full Protection for the Rider

Motorcycle Helmets are an integral part of the riders gear and protection, whether on street, snow, track or trail. The more coverage you get from your helmet, the more protection it offers during the ride and, even more importantly, in the unwanted and unforeseen occurrence of an accident or incident. The full-face helmet has specific features that give you more protection than any other slighter built helmets. The full-face helmet comes in a couple of different styles that you can read about in this article and decide which one serves you and your riding best.

Cheap Mini Dirt Bikes For Kids

Buying cheap mini dirt bikes is a great way to build confidence, balance, and coordination for your child. There are hundreds of mini bikes for sale, so it is important to find one that matches the skill level of your child. Listed below are some popular model choices.

Bonzai Banana Head – Throttle is On the Right

Okay so, in my younger days, on the weekends, I used to love to take my street bike, a crotch rocket, out to race around in the canyons above Malibu California. Some might say that was irresponsible, but when you are young and the testosterone is flowing, well, you just don’t care, and believe me when I tell you, I was hardly alone. In fact, on the weekends, any given Saturday or Sunday there were 100s of bikes doing the same.

Yamaha Road Bike – Road Safety Tips

When you’re going to hit the open countryside on a Yamaha road bike, you should always head out safely. By taking the time to learn the different rules of the road, you will have a much more enjoyable experience on your bike. If you’re from out of the country, the rules are going to be even more important. You have to remember a number of rules so that you can drive safely and effectively while you are traversing roadways.

Tips For Making Sure Your Helmet Fits Perfectly

Are you looking to buy a new helmet that you can wear when riding your motorcycle and want to make sure you get one the fits perfectly? Here are a few tips to help you get the right size helmet.

How I Built an All Electric Three Wheeled Trike

I have no idea what got me started on building a full sized electric three wheeled motorcycle but it did become a labor of love long, long before the Green craze of electric vehicles came about. In the 70’s gas was cheap and electricity was even cheaper. I had read about someone trying to do this project and I guess figured I could do one as well. I owned a small motorcycle shop at the time and was always building custom bikes for others and this would be my own project. A good friend Ray Hernandez was a welder by trade and tinkerer at heart and joined me in creating this motorcycle from scratch. My shop had hydraulic lifts so handling the frame and components was much easier than having to man handle it from area to area. We started with some two and a half inch mild steel square tubing to make the frame itself. I scavenged a neck from an old Honda 750 frame and we built the new frame from there. Ray was a true welding artist. Every weld was a thing of beauty and was perfectly square and true. As the frame took shape…

Save Money and Your Head With Cheap Motorcycle Helmets, Not Cheaply-Made Ones

Finding a great price on motorcycle helmets is fine, as long as the quality remains high. What matters is that you avoid cheaply-made helmets, which sacrifice quality in order to provide you with a better price.

Motorcycle Tyre Codes

An important part of the information displayed on the sidewall of every motorcycle tyre is a code that gives details about, size, fit and use. Understanding this code is essential when choosing the correct tyre for your own motorcycle.

Making Your Motorcycle Uniquely Yours

There are certain modifications that you can make to your motorcycle to make it more user friendly. Those three items include risers, a windshield, and saddlebags. Make your motorcycle fit your lifestyle!

Ride Safe When Riding With Friends

Riding your motorcycle safely in groups is extremely important. It can be accomplished through hand signals, proper riding formations, spacing, and just knowing that your friends share the same safety concerns as you!

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