Currus NF Plus | First Impressions

OhManDan’s 1st Impressions of The Currus NF Plus

Do You Ride a Motorbike or Motorcycle? Then You Should Read This

Here in the UK, tens of thousands of drivers go about their business on our roads everyday expecting to get from point A to point B safe and securely. Thank goodness, most of the time this is exactly what happens, however a significant number of drivers are involved in road traffic accidents each and every day.

Where to Find Cheap Motorcycles

There is no need to spend a fortune on motorcycles when you can get one for cheap. Explore your options when it comes to buying cheap motorcycles and how to save money. Discover useful tips on getting cheap motorcycle insurance and protect your bike.

Helmets – A Good Way to Avoid Serious Accidents While Riding a Bike!

No doubt, riding a bike is quite dangerous and it is also known as the most dangerous ride ever in the world. Billions of people in this world ride motor bikes and a large group is of those people who perform dangerous and risky stunts by riding bikes on one wheel. Therefore, it is quite necessary to wear helmets while riding a bike no matter you are riding it on average speed or not.

Motorcycle Tires – Important Tips That You Should Know

To ride a motorcycle is to experience a rush like no other. Gone are the protective walls and silent interior of an automobile, replaced instead with the powerful rumble of an exposed engine, vibrations coursing through your body, the feel of the wind against you on the open road. An experience that is unlike any other.

Live Life to the Fullest on a Motorcycle

Taking a trip on a motorcycle is a vibrant activity. Not only do you get to enjoy the scenery like no other way, you will awaken all of your senses. Taking trips in automobiles, recreational vehicles, planes, and buses is great, but they cannot compare to the experience you have on a motorcycle.

Scooter Fuel Efficiency in Times of Rising Gas Costs

The sudden surge in scooter sales is because of the rising crude oil prices. People are looking for cheaper and alternate methods of transport. This leads them to ditch their high branded cars and SUVs.

Is a Moped Fun and Functional Or an Accident Waiting to Happen?

No one who has every owned (or even ridden) a Moped can claim that it’s not fun to ride and an analysis of the facts show that it’s very functional… but what about safety? First, what qualifies as a Moped?

Moped and Scooter Safety Concerns

Thousand of people are getting injured all over the world every month just because they were not having any mopeds & scooter safety concerns. Most of these injuries and in cases deaths could have been avoided if the rider of the mopeds and scooters took a few moments to learn about safety.

How to Minimize the Fuel Consumption of Gearless Motorcycles Like the Mahindra Duro

As fuel prices constantly trend higher, and global warming becomes a real threat, there is a growing need to maximize fuel efficiency. One way to do this is to chuck your gas guzzler in exchange for a more fuel efficient vehicle like a gearless motorcycle. As gearless motorcycles are smaller and lighter than their 4-wheel counterparts, they enjoy great fuel efficiency.

The Suzuki GSX-R

The Suzuki motorcycle department added a new model on their GSX-R series in 2001 that took over their largest and most successful GSX-R sport bikes series in 1980s which was led by the GSX-R1100. Just by looking at the numbers, you will immediately notice that its engine displacement has been reduced by 100 cubic centimetres.

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