Can the Mantis 8 Pro Beat Apollo’s Ghost for Best Performance Value? | Scooter Showdown

In tonight’s scooter showdown, the Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro ( will take on the Apollo Ghost ( Who will have the upper hand in this dual motor showdown?

Intro: 00:00
Round 1 Price: 00:07
Round 2 Power: 00:47
Round 3 Range: 01:29
Round 4 Build Quality: 01:57
Round 5 Ride Quality: 03:17
Round 6 Portability: 04:14
Round 7 Safety: 04:47
Final Assessment: 06:23

Scooter Showdown Review:

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Three Major Reasons Why Motorbike Racing Is So Popular

Motorbike racing is undeniably one of everybody’s favorite sports today. This recreational activity has remarkably increased its popularity especially with the thrill and excitement it brings to the huge number of bikers and biking fanatics worldwide.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Motorbike’s Efficiency

When we speak of motorbike efficiency, we are referring to competence and your bike’s ability to keep up with environmental changes. Since most motorbike enthusiasts have now become more conscious about the environment and their surroundings, they are now open to the idea of customization.

It’s Easy to Keep Your Motorcycle Looking Good

When you have a motorcycle, you want to make sure that it stays looking good. You are probably proud of your bike and you want to show it off. You also want to make sure it works right. Performing routine maintenance can help to keep your motorcycle’s value and keep it running and looking good for a longer time.

Why Every Biking Enthusiast Should Own Leather Motor Gear

Leather motor gear is not just for shows and for fashion purposes. They also play their own parts in protecting riders from the harsh weather as they are constantly exposed to these elements. Leather motor gears are known to be protective gear to these riders and will continue to serve as a must-have item in many motorcycle riders’ closets.

The Points That Make Custom Motorcycle Parts Lovable

We’re all different from each other and so are our choices. These choices are depicted by many other things we possess and also by vehicles we have. To make this depiction as per one’s personality, many motorcyclists get their vehicles customized by adding customized motorcycle parts to them. What motorcyclists want in these parts vary from person to person. Below, I’ve tried to jot down all important points in this regard:

The Black Biker Set: Are We Headed In the Right Direction?

I’m still a young blood on the bike set so to speak because I’ve only been on the bike scene for 6 years now, but I’ve been blessed enough to have a lot of family in my biker community that share a lot of their wisdom with those that will take the time to listen. I’m a firm believer in getting to know your past so you can embrace your future.

Motorcycle Industry

There is a high chance you might find more motorcycles on the road as compared to other vehicles in the very near future. The motorcycle is one of the largest forms of transportation in Asian countries while fast gaining popularity worldwide due to its efficiency and ease of use.

The Things to Look Out For When Selecting Motorcycle Race Apparel

There is no doubt that you will need some form of protection when taking part in a motorcycle race. The crash helmet is important for safety reasons. In fact some jurisdictions will not let you get on the track if you do not have this sort of equipment. You will need a racing suit in order to counter the strenuous driving conditions. If you have an accident the equipment will ensure that the damage is not long lasting.

Hey Bikers, Tired of Riding Cold?

Riding in cold weather for a short period of time or over a short distance is not a problem. Wear enough layers, cover your skin and hang on until it’s over. But long-distance riding in cold, windy, wet weather requires cold weather survival planning.

Safety Tips to Prevent Motorbike Crashes

A simple bike drive can be at times a very gratifying experience. You experience waves of exalt and excitement, and you continue to speed up while your adrenaline levels rise more and more. But a safe motorcycle ride involves skill. When we become skilled it makes us feel good and glorious and we’re dying to be the best.

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