Brand New VSETT 10+ escooter review and ride at PET Leyton

Brand New VSETT 10+ escooter review and ride at PET Leyton, London. Take a look at this grown up escooter, new lock mechanism on the steering, hydraulic brakes, lights, turn signals and 1500w of power all powered by a 60v 28ah battery with twin charge ports! The newest and most awesome scooter available today.

Thank you to PET for lending me their prototype machine!

Links general:
Sandisk SSD 1TB (tiny hard-drive)
DJI Mavick 2 Pro (fly more package)
DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal Cam
Sony FDR-3000 Action cam
Batteries NPBX1
Rode wireless Mic
Breitling Navitimer Watch
Helly Hanson Coat
Porsche Baseball Cap

Scooter items:
Clean your scooter anywhere easily!
Hex T Allen sockets
Magura MT5e hydraulic brakes
Thousand helmet. So cool!
Scooter Parts Links I use:
Brake bleed kit
Off road tyres 10×3
Off road tyres 10×3
Rock Shox Monarch RL shocks 165mm
Carbon handle bars
ODI grips! Awesome.
Scooter folding flat lock
NightRider Light
Automile Tracker Mini 2019 sound –

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Note: I said Hydraulic suspension, I actually meant to say Coil Spring suspension front and rear. I was thinking of a car I just filmed. Stay safe riding and see you all soon!

Thanks for watching –

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