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Motorcycle Protective Apparel

Protective apparel for motorcyclists is an important, though somewhat disregarded part of overall safety. Many riders choose their riding clothes on the basis of how cool they look rather than how it will hold up and protect them if they get into an accident; or wipe out and are skidding across the road. The motorcycle apparel business has been booming, and there are all kinds of great looking clothing out there, but you may have to look a little harder to find items with enough protection.

Motorcycle Safety For Beginners

One of the time-tested age-old truths of beginning to ride a motorcycle is that you will tip over. It’s very similar to when you first learned to ride a bicycle-you fell more than a few times right? When learning to ride a motorcycle it’s much wiser to start on a smaller, inexpensive bike.

Motorcycle Safety

Spring is here in full force, birds have returned from their southern trip, and are waking me up early in the morning, more people are outside walking and running, baseball fields are abuzz with activity, the weather is a little crazy, and of course, more and more motorcycles are on the streets and highways. This time of year is always good for some reminders about motorcycle safety for bikers and car drivers alike.

Riding in Cold Weather

Of course you already know that it’s even more important than usual to drive safely when the weather is cold. In bad weather conditions, it’s necessary to pay attention to wet and icy roads, to make the riding experience as safe as possible.

The First Motorcycle Ride of the Year

Spring time is here, and with it, comes the usual craving to climb on your motorcycle and hit the street. The weather is certainly getting nice; we are having some unseasonably warm spring days, and I can virtually hear my Honda Rebel asking to be taken out. I’m sure most of you are feeling the same way-but you must resist those urges until you take care of a few things.

Purchasing a Motorcycle Helmet

When looking to purchase a new motorcycle helmet, there is a lot more to think about than what cool colors and designs are available – the helmet needs to fit properly and be made of material that satisfies your safety needs. It’s important to remember that not all helmets are made the same-some helmets are safer than others.

Wringin’ That Last Drop of Performance From Your Motorcycle

It’s optimum weather now! 93 degrees in the wind, in the little hillbilly town of West Point, in the Sierra foothills. It’s noon. The asphalt seductively makes tires sticky! Do it! Hit it! — no more worries about black ice, shadows, wet pavement and such.

Why Electric Scooters Continue to Dominate the Market

Scooters can be said to have made commuting for millions of people suddenly much easier. During the latter phase of the 19th century, when factories were coming up and thousands of people were commuting from the world’s rural localities into the cities, the problem of getting to and from work had to be addressed. The Far East which was just now entering into the industrialized realm, found that they had to find a way to commute. Scooters were the answer. These quickly evolved into the different types that we known today.

Mopeds Can Be a Great Alternative

In the realm of alternative transportation, it is hard to ignore the moped. A moped is essentially a bicycle-like with bearing two wheels at the back and one at the front. They can either be peddled and therefore powered by human strength or be powered by battery or gas.

Electric Scooters Still a World Favorite

Today, major world cities owe the scooter for their hundreds of thousands of daily workers getting to and work. Even in the West where many people own motor vehicles, the allure of scooters has captivated many. The escalation of fuel prices has also contributed to this.

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