Big Guy Electric Scooter Review – Zero 8 Zero 9 Zero 10 Mercane Wide Wheel

I needed a commuter electric scooter for short trips to the grocery store, soccer games, photo shoots and short trips around the city. I decided to visit Ride the Glide in Victoria and they encouraged me to try out a 1000 watt Mercane Wide Wheel. I was hooked so today I’m going to decide on which electric scooter I should buy. I tried out the Zero 8, Zero 9, Zero 10 and Mercane Wide Wheel scooters. I took the same trip, up some gentle hills and timed a steep hill for all of the electric scooters and then made my decision. Enjoy. 🙂

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I noticed that the other reviews were made by people much smaller and lighter than I am so if a review by a large (husky?) guy trying out scooters for casual commutes is helpful to you let me know.

Any questions leave them in the comments below 🙂

Zero 8 – 500 Watts
Zero 9 – 600 Watts
Zero 10 – 1000 Watts
Mercane Wide Wheel – 2 500 Watt Motors

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