Big Guy Electric Scooter Review – Mercane MX60 – Zero 10X – Zero 10 – Mercane Wide Wheel Pro

Today I check out four scooters, the Zero 10, Zero 10X, Mercane Wide Wheel Pro and the Mercane MX60. All four are super powerful (specs below) and all were able to move this big guy around the city and had no issues with the hill test.

The first scooter I tried was the Zero 10 Electric Scooter with 10″ pneumatic, 1000 watts of power, a huge deck, front and rear spring suspension and a Max load of 265lbs. It was a terrific scooter, comfortable and would be happy to own one 🙂 A bit too heavy for carrying up stairs but putting into a trunk of a car at only 55lbs would be no problem.

The second scooter I tried out was the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Electric Scooter. It has two 500 watt motors, also has front and rear springs and weighs about 55lbs.

The third scooter I tried out was a beast of a machine called the Mercane MX60. Weighs approx 90lbs, dual 1200 watt motors, Air suspension with dampening, 11″ tires and this all makes it a very smooth and powerful electric scooter. It even has a removable battery with lock. The maximum speed of 60 km/h makes this quite an amazing commuter option 🙂

My last electric scooter I tried out was the Zero 10X. This had slightly less power than the Mercane MX60 but I found it to be quicker off the line, much easier to turn and the most comfortable of all the scooters I’ve tested to date. Twin 1000 watt motors propels this beast anywhere you dare. 10″ Tires, Front and rear spring hydraulic and Hydraulic front and rear disc it also has a max load of a whopping 330lbs. Top speed was 65 km/h…truly a blistering pace.

Special thank you to Ride the Glide for providing the opportunity to try out the scooters for today’s review and also a special thank you to Michael V for helping to shoot the video!

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