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Here is a recap of the top 5 Resources Deep Dive from live show #52!
Live Show #52:
Intro: 00:00
Overview: 00:55
Research: 2:28
Repair: 12:11
Riding: 16:01
Community: 24:33
Resell: 27:41

Best YouTube Review Channels
— Electric Scooter Guide:
— Alienrides:
— Ben Fox:
— Electrek:
— Wrong Way!:
Real-world Stats
Best in Price
Best Rated by Riders
Scooter Database
— Top 10 Accessories Video:
— Top 10 Accessories Website:
Battery Life
— Battery Voltage Chart:
— Battery Expert Jonathan Tan (CoreShell Techology) Interview:
— Battery Life Tips:
— Citymapper:
— Scootroute:
— Top Reasons for Electric Scooter Crashes:
— Everything You Want to Know About Helmets:
— Most comprehensive post ever on electric scooter safety:
— General Community Groups:,,,
Branded Group example:
— Group Ride Finder:
— Facebook Marketplace for Reselling (USA):

ESG’s Top 10 Accessories Amazon Store:

➡️ Newbie Guide to Buying An Electric Scooter:
➡️ Comparison Chart:
➡️ Coupon Codes/ Deals:
➡️ Best in Price Guides:
➡️ Hands-on Reviews:

⛑️ Ultimate Guide to Helmets:
⛑️ Helmet Comparisons:

❤️ Instagram:
❤️ Facebook Group:
❤️ Website:

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Does Someone In Your Family Have A Motorbike? If So, You Will Want To Have A Look At This!

If you are close to someone who loves motorcycles, you’ll know the quandary of what to get them as a gift. It’s not easy to figure out what they’d like, and making a choice is harder if you’re not familiar with the biker obsession yourself. Firstly, there are pieces like German helmets and leather motorcycle jackets that never go out of fashion.

You Are Ready To Buy A Motorcycle – Read This First

Deciding which motorcycle is right for you is almost like shopping for a new car. The motorcycle is a big investment and should be taken seriously. Of course you will have to have one that is pleasing to the eye but there are very important safety issues to consider as well.

Motorcycle Customizing – Put Your Personal Stamp All Over Your Motorcycle

The satisfaction of working on your motorcycle with your own hands is unlike anything else. Anyone can have their own unique machine and start riding in style with the right planning and little know how. A little time spent studying and practicing can make anyone an expert at motorcycle customizing.

Dirt Bike Repair 101

What do you do when the problem with you dirt bike is not covered in the manual? Bolts break, screws threads strip, bearing get stuck, shafts don’t fit, and gasket/seals leak. Now you need to know what to do. Tips from a mechanic with 30+ years experience.

Motorcycle Safety Tips – Helps You Keep Safe

Riding a Motorcycle can make you vulnerable if you do not wear the correct gear. Read on for some helpful tips to keep you safe.

Cool Custom Motorcycle Painting Ideas

It does not matter if you own a Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha, if you have a sweet ride, you want it to look exciting. Custom motorcycle painting is an affordable option to help you reach that goal.

Common-Rail Technology

The Volkswagen Tiguan compact 4×4 is the first model to be fitted with a four cylinder diesel engine that features the common-rail technology from Bosch, designed to deliver impressive fuel consumption, reduced emissions and a more refined performance. The new diesel engine has an impressive output of 138 horsepower with good torque characteristics, 320 Nm at only 1,750 rpm.

Learn How To Find Popular Types Of Mini Motorcycles

Mini motorcycles are a whole lot of fun for adults and kids alike. Learn what types they come in and what makes them all so great.

Motorcycle Maintenance – One of the Smartest Things You Can Ever Do

You can never do to much maintenance on your Motorcycles. To be safe regular checks should be made. Tyres, Brakes, Chain and Sprockets and Lights. This article is a short read and will help you keep safe. Read on and you may learn something you don’t know!

Top 3 Leather Motorcycle Jacket Styles

When it comes to popular leather motorcycle jackets, there are a number of different styles that riders really enjoy and prefer to purchase. Here are the top 3 leather motorcycle jacket styles that motorcyclists are looking for when shopping for new apparel.

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