Apollo Scooter Review 2022

This Apollo Scooter Review will cover the latest features and safety features available in this mid-range electric scooter. This model also comes with upgraded features like front drum brake and dual fork suspension. This model offers 18 miles of range, which is approximately 50% longer than its standard edition. It is priced in the mid-tier range and weighs 38.5 lbs. The max load capacity is 220 lbs.

Top safety features

The Apollo Air Pro is a water-resistant electric scooter that has top-notch safety features. In addition to offering the smoothest ride among its competitors, this scooter also comes with a decent spring suspension and progressive tire set up, which gives even beginner riders the confidence to maneuver in tight spots. While the Apollo Air isn’t as fast as more expensive models, it’s still a good scooter for people who want to ride around town without a car.

Powerful motor

The Apollo Air Pro Scooter has a powerful motor, and the 2-600 mAh battery means that you can get up to 30kms of riding on a single charge. It recharges in 5.2 hours, thanks to the 42V, 2A charger. The Scooter has a Front Dual Fork suspension and a 10 inch pneumatic tire. Other features include a rubberised deck, IP54 rating, and a durable design. This scooter can hold up to 100kg, which is more than enough to get you going.

Comfortable ride

The Apollo Air Pro Scooter features a comfortable ride. One of its key features is its wide tire profile, which is larger than many scooters with the same price tag. Moreover, this scooter has an effective suspension system, which means you will never experience a bouncy ride. The overall build quality is good. This scooter has a sturdy chassis, which will ensure a smooth ride even when you’re cruising down the city streets.


Whether you’re looking for an electric scooter that can handle hills or a scooter that can take you from the city to the beach, the Apollo Air Pro has many positive features. The high-quality battery in this scooter provides a great deal of power, providing an extended riding range of 56 miles per charge. In addition, this scooter uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, made by LG, to ensure that you have plenty of energy available. These qualities make this battery highly durable, and the maintenance required to keep it in good working order is minimal.


If you’re looking for a quality scooter that’s easy to ride, the Apollo Air Pro is the scooter for you. This model is built from aircraft-grade aluminum and offers superior stability. Its 220 lb weight capacity makes it suitable for many entry-level riders. It is also IPX4 rated, has a rubberized deck, and a visually pleasing pattern. It’s designed to handle potholes and uneven sidewalks with ease.

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