Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Scooter review, we’ll discuss the three main features of this electric scooter, including drum brakes, three speed modes, design, and fast charging. We’ll also cover the benefits and drawbacks of each feature, and give you a final verdict. After all, if you’re thinking about buying a new electric scooter, these are the ones you should definitely consider.

Drum brakes

The Apollo Scooter New York 2022 comes with a wide selection of braking options. The front and rear brake levers are separated and feature thumb regen electric brakes. The steering column is held in place by a metal hook that extends about three inches. When left on the ground, the catch comes off. This is a simple fix, but makes carrying the scooter a bit annoying.

The Apollo City scooter is one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market today. With a top speed of 50 kph and a range of up to 45 kilometers, this scooter can outrun average city scooters. The range is also impressive, with an average range of twenty to thirty kilometers. Despite the relatively high price, the Apollo Light has above-average acceleration capabilities, with a 25-kph top speed reached in just 6.2 seconds. It is capable of climbing steep slopes, too, with its impressive climbing ability and drum brakes.

Three-speed modes

The Apollo Scooter comes with three speeds: fast, normal, and eco. With a three-speed gear system, you can select which speed to use on your scooter based on your preferences. Its large wheels have pneumatic tires and big suspension for maximum control and comfort. There is a circular color display on the handlebars that tells you how fast you are going and how much mileage you have logged. Unlike the New York, the Apollo is not as lightweight as the others on the market. It weighs about 52 pounds, though, which makes it a bit more manageable for people of average weight.

If you want to ride fast without having to worry about a flat tire, the Apollo Explore is for you. It comes with a 1000-watt motor and 52V 18-aH battery. You can ride it in three different speeds to get to your destination quickly and safely. You can also switch between a fast and slow mode, and even select a combination of the two. Its front disc brakes have a 360-degree braking system, while its rear drum brakes feature a 240-watt inverter.

Fast charging

If you’re interested in a fast-charging Apollo Scooter, you’ve come to the right place. The company offers fast-charging services that can cut the charging time by half. But be careful: too much use can hurt the battery. To avoid damaging the battery, use fast-charging equipment sparingly. The company’s fast-charging devices come with both US and Canadian wall plugs.

The dual-battery model supports up to 220 pounds and features a power range of 300 to 800 watts. A single charge takes seven hours, longer than the average. You can even ride for two days without charging at all, if you don’t have to charge your scooter too often. For convenience, the device has LED lights that you can customize through an iOS or Android app. Fast charging also means less downtime for you.


The design of an Apollo scooter is highly customizable, which gives you the ability to control how powerful your acceleration is. With this kind of flexibility, you can choose the exact amount of strength you need to accelerate and maximize your comfort level. While riding an Apollo scooter, you can be confident that your safety is prioritized, as they all have a powerful braking system and other safety features. But if you want to experience the ultimate in mobility, you should get an Apollo Pro.

The Apollo City features a high-efficiency brushless 600W motor, which has an 86% efficiency rating. This means that the scooter can reach top speeds of 25 MPH and climb 15-degree inclines with ease. This scooter also features a dual braking system, LED lighting, and an innovative dual suspension system. These are just a few of the features that make this scooter a great choice for commuters.

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