Apollo Scooter Review 2022

When you’re ready to buy an Apollo scooter, you should be able to easily find out more about its features and specifications. These features will make it easy to determine which one would be the right choice for you. Whether you need to adjust the Accel and Braking levels or have your speed limited by a digital readout, you can easily set these preferences with the help of the Apollo app. The app will also allow you to set your top speed limit and other settings with the help of your phone’s GPS. Besides, the app serves as a big dashboard to control your scooter and monitor your progress.


The new and improved Air Pro model from Apollo comes with a high-efficiency brushless motor, and can climb up to 10 degrees of hills. Its dynavolt-celled battery provides up to 35 km of travel, but it may not be the ideal scooter for riding on rough terrain. With a low price tag of $1,299, the Air Pro is a great choice for urban riders who want to ride on the go.


In a Scooter Review, we will focus on the braking system on the Apollo Air Pro, the company’s new electric scooter. The base model has front drum brakes, while the Air Pro has disc and regen brakes. We’ll also discuss the comfort of the handgrips. The lever is ergonomically placed, and it’s easy to operate, with only one button required to change settings or change the actual value.

Digital readout

The Apollo Air Pro is equipped with a built-in digital readout. The screen is bezel-less and blends seamlessly into the handlebars. This speaks to the quality of the design and build, but there are limitations. You will never get the premium customizability of more expensive scooters. A slick-looking and highly functional digital readout can really help the user.


If you’re looking for a good electric scooter, then you might want to look at the Apollo Air Pro. This electric scooter offers a high level of performance and durability. In addition, it comes with dual fork suspension and a front drum brake. Its 18-mile range is almost 50% longer than its Standard counterpart. While it might not be the most powerful electric scooter, the Apollo Air Pro offers top-notch build quality and performance for a mid-range price.


The Apollo Air is a lightweight and compact scooter. It is made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum and is capable of supporting 220 pounds, a large proportion of the weight of an average entry-level rider. Its IPX4-rated construction and a dual fork over the front wheel enhance safety. This scooter can handle potholes and uneven sidewalks, and its high-quality suspension is similar to that of a mountain bike.


In our Apollo Air Pro Review 2022, we’ll take a look at the top features, safety, and warranty of this electric bicycle. The top-quality components make this bike a top pick. Safety is one of the primary concerns when buying an electric bicycle, and the Apollo Air delivers on this front. With powerful mechanical and regenerative brakes, a real rear light, and two rear reflectors, this bicycle is sure to keep you and others safe.

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