Apollo Phantom Vs Ghost – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

You are probably wondering what the differences are between the new Apollo Phantom scooter and the Ghost scooter. Here is our Apollo Phantom vs Ghost scooter review to help you decide. Before we get into the differences between the two scooters, it’s important to understand what each one does and how it differs from the Ghost. We will also discuss how each model stacks up against the Cruiser.

EMOVE Cruiser

This EMOVE Cruiser Apollo Scooter is the next step in the evolution of electric mobility. It features dual 800-watt motors and aggressive performance. It can support riders weighing up to 300 pounds and has a top speed of 34 miles per hour. Its battery lasts 8 to 10 hours. The scooter has front and rear lights, and a regenerative electric brake that activates when you pull the brake lever. Its power is generated through an internal battery, so a full charge will be possible within a few hours.

The EMOVE Cruiser is a great choice for commuters. It features a wide deck and a large, comfortable seat. It can hold up to 352 pounds and has a top speed of 25 mph. It also features a long range of 60 miles, with a charge taking eight to twelve hours. The scooter’s suspension system is impressive, with car-grade tires and dual front and rear air shocks. The Emove Cruiser has an easy-to-use steering system that allows you to control the speed and acceleration of the scooter. The scooter can also be taken with just one hand.

EMOVE Cruiser Vs Ghost

In EMOVE Cruiser Vs Ghost Apollo scooter review 2022, we’ll take a look at the features and performance of these two electric scooters. The Apollo Ghost is a high-performance scooter that will set the bar for electric scooters. It comes with dual 800W motors, a keyed ignition, tubeless pneumatic tires, and semi-hydraulic disc brakes. The scooter has an IPX6 water resistance rating, making it suitable for wetter climates.

For those of you who live in urban environments, the Ghost does not perform well in the city. The scooter’s headlight has a maximum brightness of 2500 Lumens, while the Cruiser is only capable of crawling at two to three mph. Despite its relatively low price, it’s a great option for short trips. It also comes with a large deck, so you can put your feet up comfortably and easily.

Phantom Vs Ghost

In this Apollo Phantom Vs Ghost escooter comparison, we’ll look at the most important features of both scooters and compare them to their closest competitors. The Phantom has dual disc brakes, regenerative hand brakes, upgraded hydraulic braking system, and an aerospace-grade aluminium frame. Its dual brushless 1200W motors generate a total peak output of 3200W and offer dynamic travel. Its ultra-wide tires are air-filled for enhanced grip. Its ground clearance is seven inches.

The Ghost is a more rugged and durable option, with a hollow aluminum frame. Its fenders and handlebars are built-in fold and lock mechanisms that keep the bike secure even when folded. It is slightly heavier than its competitors, but still fully foldable, and weighs only 64 pounds. It can support up to 135 kg, and features a dual spring suspension.

Apollo Scooter

In this Apollo Phantom vs Ghost scooter review, we’ll compare the two models, and you’ll find out which one’s better for your needs. The Phantom is more advanced than the Ghost, with plug-in components and pneumatic tires mounted on split rims. The result is a scooter with the best balance between ride quality and ease of maintenance. The Ghost offers a higher level of performance, but at the same time costs more.

Both scooters come with a one-year warranty, and free shipping within the continental US. In addition, they ship free within Canada. If you have any questions or concerns about your scooter, Apollo’s customer service team can help you. The company also has several service centers across the US to assist you with any issues. The company has a live customer support line, which makes it easier to get your questions answered. The Apollo Phantom also has a center kickstand, which is more convenient to use when you get off.

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