Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrades – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

We have been following the new Apollo Phantom scooter, and we’ve been impressed by the progress it’s made. While the scooter still weighs in at 77 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to be thrown into the back seat or car trunk. However, it’s heavier than average scooters. To remedy this, the team at Apollo set out to redesign the scooter from scratch. Essentially, they revamped every touchpoint.

Free upgrade kit

The Apollo Phantom comes with two hub BLDC motors, with a total of 1600 watts of peak power and 1200 real power. The additional charging adapter costs $79 or $129, and can reduce the recharge time from 12 hours to six. The scooter is sturdy, lightweight, and durable, and has a top speed of 38 mph. It weighs around 77 pounds, and measures just over 49 inches long and 27 inches wide.

Improved brakes

Improved brakes are an important feature of any scooter and the new Apollo Phantom V2 offers better braking power than ever. Compared to previous models, this scooter comes with 160 mm disc brakes, which are 20 percent larger than competitors. This means better braking control and precision when braking. The improved brakes also increase the safety factor of the scooter. But the real question is: is it worth the additional cost? The answer to this question will be revealed in the following sections.

Better finish

The better finish is one of the key improvements to the new Apollo Phantom V2, which is available for sale at a much lower price than the first model. The frame is made from tough as nails space-grade aluminum and oil-painted, making it much more durable and resistant to corrosion and general wear. The scooter’s IP56 water-resistance rating helps keep it safe under most circumstances.

New throttle

The New throttle on the Apollo Phantom V2 makes it easier to control your aircraft. The thumb throttle is located on the right side of the key-start ignition and has a much more ergonomic design. The throttle can be operated with little effort because your thumb is anchoring on the lever. The directional buttons allow you to cycle through 17 pre-set options, including display brightness, measurement units, start style, acceleration strength, and electric brake strength. It is also key-lock-compatible for extra theft deterrence.

More angled bars

The Phantom scooter has a sleek design with a stealthy vibe. Its 8.5-inch-wide deck has enough room for different size riders to stand comfortably. Unlike the Wolf Warrior, which is notorious for its giant stature, the Phantom is relatively small, but has plenty of room for standing. Its ergonomic handles and angled bars make riding a pleasure.


The Apollo Phantom has been designed to provide the most efficient riding experience possible, with top-of-the-line features. It features the largest electric scooter display on the market, an exceptional lights package, a triple-secure folding system, and a quadruple spring suspension system that uses four springs instead of two. The result is superior shock damping capabilities and dynamic travel. If you want to increase the range of your new Phantom, you can do so with these upgrades.


Among the many features that make the Apollo Phantom V2 extra sturdy are the additional accessories. This scooter has extra-wide tyres, measuring 3.25 inches in diameter and reinforced folding mechanisms. These tyres are great for both paved and unpaved surfaces, and they offer more grip than other scooters in this class. Apollo calls these tyres a hybrid, as they provide a great mix of stability and nimbleness. In addition, the Apollo Phantom’s hex display displays riding stats, such as mileage remaining.

More stable

The more stable Apollo Phantom V2 scooter has two major benefits. Its improved handling and turnability will help you navigate tight spaces with ease. It also has a more comfortable suspension system. The quadruple spring suspension system gives you a silky smooth ride that is perfect for city streets and light off-road terrain. It has dual disc brakes for added safety, and the best-in-class lighting package. This scooter is built to handle a 300-pound rider, which makes it ideal for taller riders.

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