Apollo Phantom V2, the best new stuff & free V1 upgrades | Electric Scooter Full Review


The Apollo Phantom has returned! The Phantom Version 2 (https://geni.us/paKH?track=yt) is back and better with 12 key upgrades plus more for Original Phantom Version 1 Owners! Tune in to learn more!

Purchase Link: https://geni.us/paKH?track=yt
Written Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/apollo-phantom-review/
Live Show: https://youtu.be/uGEGqVGTGJ0

Intro: 00:00
Basics: 00:52
Build Quality: 01:02
Ride Quality: 03:27
Performance: 05:05
Portability: 06:30
Safety: 06:54
Pros/Cons: 07:27
Conclusion: 07:46

Complete List of Upgrades:
1)New throttle. Reduced dead zone
2)New display. Brighter. Higher refresh rate
3)Plug and play mode/P-settings buttons for ease of service
4)New front plastic cover (only for mechanical brake)
5)New, stronger kickstand
6)Safety catch for stem-latch now made of more robust plastic
7)Higher quality brake pads (longer life, less squeak)
8)New brake light (deeper red than V1)
9)Screw-on charging port covers won’t fall off
10)Thicker, stronger frame at gooseneck (V1 owners should expect to receive a frame brace from Apollo)
11)Tether for the grenade-pin prevents you from losing the pin
12)Updated motor controllers have smoother launch (no stutter)
Key has been deleted  (more reliable, but mostly a side effect of changing throttle type)
1.2 lbs heavier than the V1 (4.8lbs heavier than our pre-production model V1)]

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