Apollo Phantom Tire Pressure – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Phantom review, we’ll go over features like the quadruple spring suspension, Never-fade LED headlight, thumb throttle, and spacious deck. We’ll also talk about how the ride quality is good and how easy it is to maintain. We’ll also touch on maintenance, as well as its battery life. But what do you really need to know before buying this scooter?

Quadruple spring suspension

The quadruple spring suspension on the new Apollo Phantom 2022 is perhaps its most impressive feature. This revolutionary suspension system is never before seen in an electric scooter, and was specially designed to be more comfortable than ever. This system adapts to both rough urban terrain and smooth off-road surfaces, protecting the joints and body from any harsh impacts. The textured tread and increased width of the tires also help keep the balance of the scooter.

The tires on the Apollo Phantom are tubed, but this does make the scooter prone to flats. However, they are mounted on split rims, making tire replacement easier and reducing the risk of flats. The deck, made of rubberized material, measures 20,5 x 7 inches and 52 x 18 cm. Its ground clearance is a generous 5,7 inches. In addition, the frame is made from an extremely strong aluminum alloy.

Never-fade LED headlight

The never-fade LED headlight on the Apollo Phantom 2022 is another feature that sets it apart from the rest. The headlight projects light onto a wooden wall, which is particularly useful in alleyways. It also features an ergonomic thumb throttle. This scooter is also key lock-compatible, which makes it ideal for commuters and for night-time use. Despite its high-tech design, this electric scooter has a relatively low price tag.

Another important feature is its folding mechanism. The foldable handlebars on the Apollo Phantom are similar to those on the Ghost, but lack the stylish cutouts. Instead, they have flared edges that curve inward towards the driver. The grips also house the Phantom’s goodies, including the never-fade LED headlight. The Phantom’s unique HEX display panel was designed by Apollo specifically for the vehicle, which adds to its next-generation status.

Thumb throttle

The Thumb throttle on the Apollo Phantom is an ingenious design and adds extra speed to an already fun ride. This scooter is equipped with four high-quality tires and a durable frame. Its ergonomic design and foldable handlebars are convenient for carrying and storing. The bike has a ground clearance of 5.6 inches and an overall length of 49 inches. It also features an adjustable thumb throttle for easy riding.

Its dual 1200-watt motors offer strong acceleration without overpowering the rider. The thumb throttle and large center display are intuitive, allowing the rider to choose which speed is best suited for their level of comfort and skill. It also has integrated rear turn signals and a 1000-lumen headlight. There’s no need to worry about riding up hills in this scooter – the Thumb throttle will do the work!

Spacious deck

The oversized deck on the Apollo Phantom Scooter gives riders a good view of the surroundings. The fenders are securely attached to the wheels using strong metal brackets and nuts, minimizing the noise and rattling of the road. The angled kickplate at the rear of the deck gives the rider a stable stance and provides a place to brace for balance. The folding mechanism on the Phantom is also strong, without the risk of wobbling or creaking.

The dual 1200W motors on the Apollo Phantom provide a combined 2400W output. The instant maximum output of 3200W allows for speeds of 38 mph. The scooter’s top load capacity is 300 pounds. The scooter is equipped with dual disc brakes and a top-of-the-line lighting package. It weighs 77 pounds and measures just over 49 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 21 inches tall.

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