Apollo Phantom Scooter Review – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re considering purchasing a new scooter, you’ll want to consider what to look for in this model. There are many features to consider including performance, water resistance, and LED turn signals. The following Apollo Phantom scooter review will provide an overview of its main features and performance. You can also learn how to use its features, including LED turn signals. You’ll also want to look at its safety features, including dual-wheeled suspension, a powerful battery, and a patented design.


The Apollo Phantom has a variety of top-of-the-line upgrades and performances. Unlike other e-scooters on the market, the Apollo Phantom pays close attention to detail in its construction. The new V2 model will change the way you ride and feel about the city, with upgraded throttle, controllers, neck reinforcement, and a sturdy kickstand and bright LCD. Here are some of the other features of the Apollo Phantom Scooter that you’ll love.


The Apollo Phantom Scooter is unlike any other e-scooter on the market due to its impressive performance and top-notch upgrades. Apollo focuses on details, and the Phantom V2 will revolutionize the way people ride. This electric scooter is equipped with upgraded throttle and controllers, neck reinforcement, a tougher kickstand, and a bright LCD. You will find that you can enjoy the benefits of riding a top-quality e-scooter in no time at all.

Water resistance

The Water resistance of the Apollo Phantom Scooter is rated IP54, which makes it safe to ride in light rain. However, it is not safe to ride the scooter for long periods in heavy rain. This model is powered by lithium-ion cells from Dynavolt. While there are many dual-motor scooters without IP ratings, this model has the highest rating in this category. Water resistance does not have to be a major concern, since the scooter is made of high-quality materials.

LED turn signals

The Apollo Phantom is a high-performance scooter that offers an excellent balance of ride quality and ease of maintenance. It features a headlight that projects light onto a wooden wall. It also comes with real LED turn signals, which are particularly helpful when you are traveling in a dark alleyway. Aside from its high-mounted headlight, the Apollo Phantom is also equipped with a wide variety of other features.

TOUVT-brand tires

The TOUVT-brand tires on the Apollo Phantom Scooter are the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The 10 inch diameter, 3.25-inch-wide tires deliver excellent grip and enhanced traction over many different surfaces. They’re also a step up from the standard 10-inch tubed tires used on many other scooters. These extra-wide tires also boast a 7.1-inch ground clearance, making them perfect for city use and paved trails alike.

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