Apollo Phantom Reviews – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Phantom Scooter review, we’ll cover the features, price, and dimensions of this electric scooter. In addition, we’ll cover the Handlebars, Turn signals, and more. These features, and more, are important to a high-quality scooter. We’ll also talk about how easy they are to maintain. So, get ready to ride! Interested in learning more?


If you’re looking for an e-scooter that has both performance and comfort, the Apollo Phantom is a great option. The scooter has impressive upgrades and is unlike other e-scooters on the market. For example, the Apollo Phantom V2 has upgraded controllers and throttle. Its sturdy kickstand and LCD screen are also more visible, making it easier for you to navigate the vehicle. And the price? It starts at $2,099 USD for a 52V model.


The Apollo Phantom is a great scooter for those looking for an easy, fun, and comfortable ride. Its size of 8.5 inches by 21.6 cm gives you a wide, comfortable surface to stand on. Its solid footrest prevents you from slipping and maintains a natural posture. With a 20-inch wheelbase, it is one of the most stable scooters on the market. The Apollo Phantom is one of the best scooters to buy in the current market.


The folding mechanism on the Apollo Phantom Scooter has a single latch and a reinforced safety pin to prevent stem flex. Like the Inokim OxO, the Phantom also comes with a handy hook. This folding mechanism prevents the stem from wobbling and allows it to lock into the footrest cutout. The HEX display panel is another unique feature, designed by Apollo specifically for the Phantom.

Turn signals

Unlike traditional bikes and cars, the Apollo Phantom Scooter features turn signals at the front of the scooter. These lights emit an audible beep when the scooter turns. Rear blinkers are no good when you are trying to turn across oncoming traffic. To improve visibility and safety, the turn signals are front-mounted and easy to use. Moreover, the VSETT line of scooters boasts of easy-to-use turn signals.

LED display

The proprietary HEX LED display on the Apollo Phantom scooter is large and hexagonal, and it fits in the middle of the handlebars. The HEX display has been rigorously tested, and its hefty size means that it’s easy to see stats at any time. The display includes all the indicators you’d expect, plus several unique functionalities. Read on to learn more about the unique features of this scooter.

TOUVT-brand tires

The TOUVT-brand tires on the new Apollo Phantom 2022 scooter offer excellent performance. The 10-inch, three-inch-wide tires offer a surprisingly sporty ride, with excellent traction and responsive steering. The tires are easy to maintain and replace, and the split-rim design makes maintenance a breeze. Despite their large size, the TOUVT tyres on the 2022 are also extremely safe, providing a safe, comfortable ride for anyone on board.

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