Apollo Phantom Ludicrous Scooter Review 2022

If you are in the market for an electric scooter, you may be interested in learning about the new Apollo Phantom Ludicrous. This scooter is a version of the Apollo Phantom and is the exact replica of the original. Its power, range, and comfort are all impressive. Its price is quite affordable as well. But, is it worth the extra money? Read on for the full Apollo Phantom Ludicrous review.


As one of the most futuristic scooters on the market, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous is both a head-turner and a real head-turner. This model boasts an oversized deck with grip tape design and a 10-inch pneumatic tyre that absorbs impacts while riding on any track. Its combination of off-road capabilities and comfort makes this model an excellent choice for urban use.


An Apollo Phantom is a great way to get around town in a small, lightweight scooter. It’s perfect for anyone from a youngster to a mature rider, thanks to its powerful acceleration and sheer power. Despite its size, it can support weights up to 300 pounds. In fact, it weighs about 4.6 times its own weight! However, it’s important to note that a scooter should not be ridden in heavy rain for prolonged periods.


The range of the Apollo Phantom Ludicrous Scooter is impressive. Its battery has a capacity of up to 500 recharge cycles. Its power-saving technology allows it to maintain full capacity for almost three years without any noticeable degradation. This scooter’s battery also features a patented Quadruple Suspension System that employs four springs instead of two. Its specialized tires are ultra-wide and air-filled, which significantly improves grip and shock absorption. They also provide seven inches of ground clearance.


The price of an Apollo Phantom Ludicrous scooter in 2022 will likely be $3,499. This model is geared towards experienced riders. It comes with similar quality and customization options as the Apollo Pro lineup. If you’re looking for an off-road scooter, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous is an excellent option. The Ludicrous is capable of running up to six miles on a single charge, and its dual 10-inch tube-filled pneumatic tires offer smooth riding on good to moderate terrain. Users will be able to upgrade their wheels to winter tires if they need to. It will also be possible to repair the Ludicrous’s wheels if necessary.


The foldable design of the Apollo Phantom is another impressive feature. The folding handlebars are secured by a safety pin and a claw-like hook that pulls the stem flush to the base of the folding platform. A plastic collar wraps around the handlebars and pins them down, preventing them from folding in on the rider. Several other improvements to the folding mechanism of the Phantom scooter include a larger footrest and more ergonomic seating.


The handlebars on the Apollo Phantom are 27 inches wide, capped by plush rubberized grips that can rotate while riding. There is a proprietary HEX display panel centered over the handlebars that is fully next-gen and beautiful. The display also displays the battery voltage, NEXT-gen status, turn signal arrow, headlight status, cruise control, and trip mileage.


One of the best features of the Apollo Phantom scooter is its battery, which offers a record 500 recharge cycles without compromising on performance. You can charge the scooter three times per week and enjoy near-three-year battery life. The battery is also easily replaceable for an additional cost of $129 or $79 depending on its capacity. You can check out the full Apollo Phantom review to know more about the features of this scooter.

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