Apollo Phantom : High Speed POV at 60+ KPH

Feel the excitement of going over 60KPH on electric scooter from a riders POV perspective.

The Apollo Phantom is powered by two high-efficiency brushless motors with nominal output of 1200W each. With a peak output of 1600W, the Phantom has a total of 3200W of maximum instantaneous power. Whether you are looking for that instant electric acceleration or to blend in with city traffic speeds, the Phantom will get you there.




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The Importance of Helmets

Your head houses your mind, the facility of all task. Without a safe helmet to encase it, your motorbike ride could too be an Evel Knievel feat gone badly incorrect.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms – Exploring Their Limitations

Bluetooth bike intercom innovation and features have enhanced by leaps and also bounds over the last 5 years. When attempting to utilize multiple gadgets such as a phone, general practitioner as well as radar detector with your Bluetooth helmet, open constraints still exist. Below is why these restrictions have actually not relapsed as well as exactly how you can work around them making use of the Sena SR10 Bluetooth router.

HeliBars – 3 Reasons To Choose These Motorcycle Handle Bar Risers

Ever see or ride a motorbike you simply loved the look of but the riding position had not been comfortable sufficient to ride even more than 30 mins without fatigue? Has your riding design altered as you obtained older and also you still desire the sport bike but prefer to sit up a little bit much more? Whatever type of bike you ride, it is very important to have an ergonomic riding placement as well as HeliBars manage bar risers can make your bike fit YOU much better.

Laws for Motorcycle Riders Only

This short article will go over some of the many basic legislations that motorbike motorcyclists are expected to comply with when they are out on the roads. Not every one of the regulations can be covered, so it is very important that you consult your motorcycle insurance coverage carrier or neighborhood DMV.

Why You Should Add a Motorcycle CB to Your Ride

Having a CB on your motorcycle is not just for those on a Goldwing or Ultra Standard. Any person who appreciates team trips can have a CB on their motorcycle, also on a sport bike, exploring bike or cruiser. Right here is the basics of what to consider.

Discount Motorcycle Gear – What You Must Know Before You Buy Online

Having the proper motorcycle riding equipment corresponds to secure and also pleasurable riding. It is virtually an offered these days that purchasing on the internet stretches your dollar better, but it has one drawback. Exactly what is it the motorcyclist is purchasing? The contemporary motorcyclist is ruined for option with the series of motorcyclist defense innovation available. This article lays out a basic procedure to make sure that the motorcyclist can acquire at a discount rate online and also be fairly confident regarding what they are getting is undoubtedly going to help them prior to it gets here on their front door.

Scootering: An Introduction

Scootering is a fun and environment-friendly type of transport. Whether commuting in the jampacked cities or riding via the country countryside, mobility scooters are an interesting and reliable option to autos or tucks. A brief introduction of running will be discussed in this short article.

Scooter Touring: A Long Distance Adventure

Touring the world is an enjoyable method to take a trip. Visiting the globe by mobility scooter is an also better method to look into sights that you usually would not see if you were on a large trip bus. Scootering is a fun and also efficient type of transport. This is especially real when you remain in an international nation.

Baja Harley Trip – A Guided Tour (1)

Motorcycle scenic tour enthusiast have constantly looked for new paths for their excursions. In this post, we would look at a trip as assembled by EagleRider. In This excursion, the rides begins in Los Angeles and unwind back to Los Angeles where it finishes. The excursion takes a total amount of 16 days, consisting of arrival as well as depature days. You would be covering an overall of concerning 2452 miles on this excursion. Allow us currently check out the first fifty percent of the excursion covering eight days.

How To Use A Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom With a Shorty Helmet

Yes you can pay attention to songs, speak to your traveler as well as use your phone or general practitioner on your motorbike all while utilizing a fifty percent safety helmet! Right here are alternatives that work well as well as some highlights of what aspects should influence your option.

Daytona Bike Week – A Brief History

If you are a motorbike lover in The United States and Canada, you believe found out about one of the greatest bicycle rider rallies and also parties in the United States as well as the entire globe. Daytona Bike Week is a fantastic motorbike event that brings with each other approximately a fifty percent million like minded bikers every single year.

Detailing Your Motorcycle After Winter

It’s regarding that time: winter months is gradually coming to a close, which means your bike can appear of storage space! That first trip of the season is so stimulating and also electrifying; the new springtime air moves throughout your body and also helmet, the scent of newly reduced turf and budding plants fills up the air and when you take off from the traffic signal you were stopped at, your tires grip the pavement in a congratulatory release of many thanks as they have been cooped up all winter season.

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