Apollo Phantom Europe Scooter Review 2022

This is a detailed review of the Apollo Phantom Europe electric scooter. This lightweight scooter has a 20 in / 51 cm length and an 8.5 in / 21.6 cm width. Its wide standing surface and solid footrest ensure a comfortable ride. A solid footrest also helps maintain a natural posture for less tiring riding. Moreover, it comes with a durable battery, allowing you to ride longer without charging it.

EScooterNerds Universal Scooter Helper app

For the most part, this free Android app will be all you need to operate your electric scooter. With so many tools available, this app is sure to come in handy for electric scooter owners. The app is built by the people behind the world’s largest electric scooter blog. Features include reviews and specs of electric scooter models. However, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, and isn’t meant to replace scooter-specific apps.


The Apollo Phantom can be folded in reverse to store the scooter in a small space. It has easy-to-use controls on both handlebars and an intuitive setup video on YouTube. Its warranty covers brake calipers and the rims, but does not cover labor or parts. Despite its limited warranty, it is a highly durable scooter with an easy folding mechanism that is safe and easy to use.


The Apollo Phantom is an electric scooter that comes with a 1000 Lumen headlight and two additional lights on the front deck. This high-tech lighting system illuminates the road ahead up to 7-8 meters. The scooter is equipped with a red brake light on the footrest and turn signals that are manually operated. Its robust design and comprehensive feature set makes it safe for both urban and off-road riding. It is also street-legal and has a capacity of up to 300 pounds.


The price of the Apollo Phantom Europe Scooter 2022 has risen from around $200 to $350. The Phantom scooter features a spacious deck and wide seat and weighs around 13 pounds less than the Apollo Pro. It has three different speed settings: normal, high, and eco. It has an extended battery life of up to 39 miles and is fully foldable. A 12-month warranty protects you from manufacturing defects and covers repairs, too. You can contact the company directly for repair if the problem arises. It’s also worth mentioning that this scooter has a dual-spring suspension system, which is adjustable.


If you are living in Europe, you can buy an Apollo Phantom scooter with the assistance of FluidFreeRide. This company sells the scooter and its spare parts. The warranty offered by this company is generous, and you can get parts at reasonable prices. Additionally, you can avail of lifetime service from FluidFreeRide. You can find its self-operated service centers in New York City and Miami. Other than that, FluidFreeRide also works with service partners in different cities across the US.

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