Apollo Ghost Vs Varla Eagle One – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Ghost vs Varla Eagle One scooter review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the differences between the two scooters, as well as compare their features. We’ll talk about the 80-mile range, Regenerative hand braking, Deck hook, and Designed for adults. Then we’ll talk about the features you need to know if you want to buy one.

Deck hook

The Eagle One’s deck has a steel clamp and a folding latch, making it easy to attach the scooter to the deck. However, the Eagle One’s handlebars are not foldable. The scooter weighs around 77 lbs. The VSETT 10+R control center is similar to the one on the Zero 11X, but more comfortable. There are three speed settings and a key ignition, as well as Eco/Turbo and motor selection buttons.

Regenerative hand braking

Both models of electric bikes have regenerative hand braking, and the Apollo Ghost has it, too. Both bikes have 40 miles of range, but the Apollo Ghost has a longer range and is lighter. The Eagle One, on the other hand, is a bit bulkier and has a large frame. Both bikes weigh about 77 pounds. They both have cruise control, but the Eagle One’s handle is not integrated, so you’ll have to use your arm to pick it up.

80-mile range

The new Apollo Ghost is a mid-range electric scooter that improves on the Apollo Pro’s features while also offering a host of improvements. It boasts industry-leading acceleration and suspension while being a highly compact package. It also boasts several desirable features, such as a collapsible handlebar, dedicated footrest, and deck lighting. Its performance remains impressive throughout the year.

Designed for adults

Designed for adults can have several benefits over younger learners. Specifically designed for older adults, they require less space and large type. Adult learners are unable to absorb information when it is presented in a small format. Because of this, it is necessary to reduce the amount of content in the user interface to five basic functions. Additionally, older adults do not have the same attention span as younger people and need to be guided and coached in their learning.


While the Varla Eagle One is slightly cheaper than the new Apollo Ghost, the former does have a few advantages over the latter. For instance, the Varla Scooter review 2022 finds that the Varla Scooter is more stable and has more power, while the Ghost is prone to tipping when turning. It also has more features, including quick-release levers, an easy collar-clamp at the base of the stem, USB charging port, and a two-year warranty.

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