Apollo Ghost Scooter – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

You can get an Apollo Ghost scooter in four different models: the ‘City’, ‘Pro’, ‘Air’, and ‘Explore’. Which model suits you best? Read on to find out! Also, be sure to take a look at our Apollo Ghost Scooter review 2022 to get the inside scoop! We’ll discuss all the important aspects of these models.

‘City’ model

The ‘City’ model of the Apollo Ghost Scooter has a number of features that help it stand out in the crowd. One such feature is the ability to brake effectively at speeds between 15 and 24 km/h. This technology allows the Ghost to stop within 3.2 meters of its current speed. Despite the features, it is not a good choice for riders who are used to riding at higher speeds on smoother surfaces.

‘Pro’ model

The ‘Pro’ model Apollo Ghost Scooters are geared towards people who like to accelerate fast. This model boasts an IP54 waterproof rating. This scooter runs on lithium-ion batteries from Dynavolt. Although it is waterproof, it is not recommended for riding for long periods in heavy rain. The Ghost has a surprisingly sturdy build. It also comes with folding handlebars and locking stems. It also comes with premium cockpit features such as a foldable steering column, a ‘Pro’ model Apollo Ghost Scooter, wheel-mounted fenders on big air-filled tires, split rims, dual charging ports, striking deck lighting, and more.

‘Air’ model

The Apollo Ghost has a beefy construction and premium build quality. Its forged aluminum frame provides excellent durability and keeps the scooter’s overall weight low. The solid frame is hollowed out, resulting in a rugged lightweight exterior. The Apollo Ghost is a great scooter for city riding or light off-roading. Here are some of its features. You can also expect it to last for many miles. It also has a bell and reflectors.

‘Explore’ model

The Explore model of Apollo Ghost Scooter is a high-performance electric scooter with dual disc brakes on both wheels. The braking system is the most advanced in the mid-price range, providing excellent stopping power. Both the front and rear brakes are operated by levers located to the left and right of the handlebars. The regenerative electric brake kicks in when you press the brake lever. This electric scooter’s braking distance is an impressive eight feet.

‘Spooky’ model

The ‘Spooky’ model Apollo Ghost scooter has a unique look. The front fender appears to float above the wheels, but is actually mounted solidly. While the Ghost has no hydraulic braking system, it does have decent bite for cable-operated disc brakes. The lever pressure required to drop the anchor is low, making stopping on slippery surfaces a little less difficult. The Ghost’s brakes are good until 95% of their power. After that, they don’t feel quite as good, and it takes extra effort to get the last 5%.

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