Apollo Ghost Review – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In our Apollo Ghost Review, we’ll discuss the performance of this commuter scooter. This review will focus on its comfort, mileage, and 25-degree incline. If you’re considering purchasing one of these scooters, here are a few of the key things to consider. Read on to learn about these features and much more. Also, we’ll discuss the Drum brakes, comfort, and mileage.

25 degree incline

The Ghost is capable of going up an incline of up to 25 degrees. Unlike scooters designed for flat surfaces, the Ghost has 3 gear modes for maximum speed. Gear one gives you a 15 mph top speed, while gear two allows you to reach up to 25 mp/h. Its range is 39 miles. While it is not designed for full-on hooning, it can handle a modest incline with ease.

The Ghost scooter comes with dual 52V 800W BLDC motors that give it a total power of 1600 watts. The motors can be switched to the turbo mode for more power. You can also choose a single motor or dual motor drive, giving you complete control of the scooter’s functionality. The scooter can handle up to a 25-degree incline, and it has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Drum brakes

The drum brakes on the new Apollo Ghost scooter offer better stopping power. The Ghost’s front and rear suspensions are adjustable and feature 10-inch pneumatic tyres. The front suspension provides more flexibility than the back, allowing for more control and comfort. The rear suspension is adjustable and has additional shock absorption. It is also incredibly comfortable to ride, thanks to its ergonomically designed handlebar.

There is no need to worry about stopping when the drum brakes on the new Apollo Ghost and 2022 are on. Both scooters offer easy braking and top speeds. Both scooters have ergonomic grips to prevent jarring from obstacles. Drum brakes on the Apollo Ghost and 2022 make it easy to control speed and prevent a fall from high-speed trails. You can ride them on road or off.

Comfortable ride

The Apollo Ghost is designed to provide a smooth ride and comfortable handling. It has a 10-inch pneumatic tyre and front and rear spring suspensions. The suspensions are relatively rigid, but do offer good shock absorption. The front deck is slightly angled and has a reinforced footrest. However, the ride isn’t as smooth as it could be. While we’d prefer to ride on a more forgiving suspension system, the Ghost’s lacks some features.

The new model offers a host of features, such as a QS-S4 display menu that shows the battery level, speed, trip, and regenerative braking strength. The rider can configure various features of the scooter, including the throttle power, brake power, and other settings. With an impressive price tag, the new Apollo Ghost is not the best choice for beginners, but it’s still a good option for a smooth and comfortable ride.


The Apollo Ghost features a high-quality design and is packed with features that make riding safe and easy. It comes with an integrated QS-S4 display menu, which allows you to monitor your speed, distance, battery life, and riding mode. The throttle is ergonomically designed for ease of use and offers excellent traction and dampening over uneven terrain. The front deck is slightly angled, and the footrest is reinforced to prevent it from slipping.

Its dual cable-operated disc brakes are among the best in its class. The 3.2-meter braking distance from 15 MPH makes emergency stops dramatic. The brake levers are responsive, and you need less pressure to slow down. The Apollo Ghost is not suitable for riders who are new to scooters. The price is also quite high at $1,599 USD or $1,749 CAD.

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