Apollo City Pro 2022 – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

This Apollo City Pro 2022 e-scooter has a lot to offer. It has impressive features, including a mobile app, IP56 water resistance, powerful regen brakes, and sublime one-click folding. You will also find that it has the best turn signals and excellent build quality. Listed below are the main reasons why you should buy it. Continue reading to learn more!


The Apollo City Pro is a commuter bike that offers all-day riding comfort without compromising speed. The handlebar stem and front fork are sturdy and won’t wobble, and the dual swingarm suspension is firm enough to support the rider’s 165-pound weight. This model is a big improvement over the original Apollo City. However, the Apollo Phantom is a much better handler on racetrack corners.

Real-world mileage

The Apollo City Pro 2022 has impressive real-world mileage, beating out 67% of models in its weight class and 80% of comparable commuter-style scooters. However, the increased weight will slow down the momentum. However, this is offset by its long charging time, which averages 8.5 hours. This scooter also features an integrated LED display into the handlebar console, which is helpful for determining how much battery power the device has left.


The Apollo City is a good option for riders who want the benefits of an electric scooter and the convenience of a mobile app. It comes with a 24-month warranty and free shipping. It also has a two-week return policy. And its price is fair, too. The City and Pro 2022 are currently marked down by $200 off their MSRP, so you won’t have to pay much for one if you’re unsure about its functionality.

Drum brakes

The drum brakes on the Apollo City Pro 2022 are a welcome addition, although the dual drums aren’t as powerful as we’d have liked. This scooter’s dual drum brake system is sealed and should last much longer than traditional disc brakes. But they aren’t as grippy as disc brakes. Despite being less grippy than discs, they have powerful regenerative braking.

Bluetooth companion app

The Bluetooth companion app for Apollo City Pro 2022 allows you to customize several aspects of the scooter. From changing riding modes to adjusting the speed limit, the app has it all. You can also set the overall speed of the scooter. The app works in conjunction with the scooter’s GPS, making it the perfect partner for those who want to enjoy their daily commute. Besides, it offers many other features, such as regenerative braking.

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