Adjust the Brake on Electric Scooter | Varla Pegasus

In this video, we’ll show you how to adjust the brakes on Varla Pegasus.

0:00 How to adjust brake cable tension?
0:40 How to fix noisy squeaking squealing disc brakes on pegasus?

Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

Be watchful. Motorcycles are easy to miss in traffic. Learn to watch for the narrow profile of a motorcycle.

A Ride You Will Never Forget

There is no better way to enjoy sight seeing than on a motorcycle or motor scooter. Everyone loves to see beautiful places of scenery and enjoy the sights that are abundant in the United States. Two places that are a must to see are in the gorgeous state of Utah.

Motorcycle Riding School – The Best Bet For You

This article gives information about the leading training schools for riding motorcycle. The rate at which the training is given is well and good to the needs of the customer. The aim is to give guidance to the people in choosing the best school to enhance the driving skills.

Leather Vest – A Classic Accessory

You’ve probably had on, or have thought of putting on, a leather vest if you’ve ridden on a motorcycle with the cold breeze blowing on your cheeks. A leather vest on a motorcycle rider is as American as Old Glory. And it not only gives you that special appearance.

Helmet Mohawks, What Good Are They?

It is good to be seen on the roads, this can help keep you more safe, but the mohawks are mostly meant to make you look different. There are a lot of motorcyclists out there now-a-days and you are seeing more and more of the same helmets.

Harley Saddlebags For You

Saddlebags are the coolest things to buy if you have a motorcycle and are planning to take that on a long trip. You can pack in most of the stuff you are planning to take, and just set off comfortably.

Motorcycles, Scooters, and Mopeds at Auto Auctions

Find out how some people are dealing with the growing gas prices. Motorcycles seem to be an option for many. Find out how they are saving money on gas and car payments.

Should We Wear Motorbike Helmets Or Not?

There are several circumstances that will make you to wear helmets. Wearing Motorbike Helmets should be mandatory. This is one aspect that government should not leave for you to decide. The government has made it mandatory to wear seat belt while driving an automobile. They should also make it mandatory for wearing motorbike helmet while riding your motorbike.

2009 Yamaha FZ6R Review

If you find yourself bored on Sunday afternoon, and if the weather permits, you may soon be wishing you had something that was fun and exciting to do. A motorcycle, they say, is the most fun you will ever have on the ground. As an avid cyclist, and as someone who just loves having a good time, I couldn’t agree more. This brings me back to the before mentioned Sunday afternoon, where the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. What’s missing from this picture?

How to Size Motorbike Helmets

Have you ever had a motorbike helmet that did not fit? Doesn’t it get annoying? Not only can it irritate you as you riding but it also can be very dangerous.

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