50TH SHOW! | Live Show #50

Today marks our 50th show! Join us in celebrating and taking a look back through our journey.

We will also choose the winner from Photo Friday, Facebook giveaway, share scooter news from around the world, and much more are in store for you.

Pre-Show: 00:00
Intro: 02:18
ESG Photo Friday: 11:33
ESG Community Content: 17:33
New Scooters: 31:24
Deal of the Week: 32:49
Micromobility News: 34:44
50th Recap: 42:07
Facebook Giveaway: 1:05:20

Copuon code ($50 Off) Gotrax XR Elite: https://geni.us/lFoI
Code: electric-scooter.guide50

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🎞️To Submit a (less than 4 min) Community Scooter Video🎞️:
– send youtube link to: chuck@electric-scooter.guide or
– 📤 upload video to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/3X4gNboxakRFtZADEz6Y

📰 NEWS 📰
– Best Micromobility App: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://jakecoppinger.blog/articles/the-best-apps-for-bicycle-directions-2020/?TrucksFoT&sa=D&ust=1596574032199000&usg=AFQjCNEOo9kUBRqNZXPzkprza2L287z77A
– Build a Better Barrier Winner: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://usa.streetsblog.org/2020/07/29/meet-the-protected-bike-lane-that-any-city-can-afford-to-build/&sa=D&ust=1596574032203000&usg=AFQjCNH1rtxdG5Z7sWvvI2uleqpDsJnm8A

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Harley Davidson Boots – For Tough Yet Trendy People

Excellent quality of any shoe brand has always been the top requirement of every people. Aside from the good quality it should always provide, the durability and comfort it gives should be the things you should remember to check when it comes to purchasing any kind of footwear. This is so true since our feet should be taken care of.

Want Cheap Motorcycle Insurance – Prepare Your Bike Properly

One of the main contributors to getting cheap motorcycle insurance is your driving and claims record. That means developing some good driving and preparation habits, including what to do when you first get your bike out of its winter storage. Getting your bike properly prepared for its first trip back on the road will not only add years to your bike’s life but will also make for a safer ride. Use the following checklist to prepare properly.

Motorcycle Helmet Usage – Safety and Law

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or scooter is time tested and proven to be the number one safety mechanism for protection and survival in the unfortunate event of an accident. Many deaths could be avoided if all riders wore helmets all of the time. Statistically it is evident and, therefore, laws are placed to influence riders to comply with the obvious choice of donning a helmet. Some states have full laws, some partial and few have no laws at all. Having all of the available information can help you to make the right choice.

Classic Bike Profiles – A Brief History of Hesketh Motorcycles

Hesketh are one of a small number of British motorcycles that have attempted to continue the tradition of high quality, large engine-capacity motorcycles. Sadly, this was one that did not quite succeed, although it has left a superb legacy that has a very enthusiastic following. Hesketh was launched in 1980 by Lord Alexander Hesketh who had had previous motor sport involvement with a Formula One racing team with James Hunt as the driver.

Classic Bike Profiles – A Brief History of Greeves Motorcycles

Greeves is a name that will always be primarily associated with the off-road motorcycling sport, with a history of sporting success, however, they were also successful in road racing and as utilitarian transport — albeit with a difference. The company was started in 1954 by Bert Greeves who came from a background of invalid carriage manufacture, with their first four machines appearing in that year. As with many lightweight bikes of the time, all models were based on the Villiers 8E engine.

7 Popular Types of Motorcycles

There are many different types of motorcycles available to choose from. Before you go shopping for a new bike you should decide what type of motorcycle will be best suited for your specific needs. Each type of motorcycle is designed for a specific purpose and is available in a wide variety of colors and other options.

What To Check Before Buying DOT Helmets

Do you own a bike? If you do, what kind of bike do you have? Is it a big bike, dirt bike, bullet bike or just a scooter? Before you buy your motorcycle gears like those helmets, leather jackets, gloves and etc, you need to make sure that they will match the style of motorcycle you have.

Motorcycle Helmets For Fashion And Protection

When we talk about motorcycle helmets, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Of course, it’s for protection when we are riding our motorcycle and at the same it’s also for fashion so you will look good while riding your bike.

7 Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

There are millions of motorcycles on the road and you see them everywhere you go. With the rising cost of fuel they become a more popular form of transportation every year. They are also a popular for mountain climbing, dirt bike racing and working in open areas.

Used Motorcycle Parts

Owning a motorcycle generally means that you will need many motorcycle parts during your possession of that machine. It is the nature of the mechanical beast – things break and they need to be replaced. The manufacturer and model of your bike makes an enormous difference in the availability of replacement and upgrade parts.

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