45MPH Electric Scooter That Fits In Your Trunk! | Minimotors Dualtron Victor Full Review

The new and improved Minimotors Dualtron Victor (https://geni.us/dualtron_victor?track=yt) is a 45mph beast that can easily fit in your trunk! Tune in to learn more and see the Dualtron Victor’s ESG tested performance stats!

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Deep Dive: https://youtu.be/CkPllzr8Q-g
Purchase Link : https://geni.us/dualtron_victor?track=yt

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Replacing OEM Motorcycle Exhausts

Replacing standard motorcycle exhausts really deals with two questions: why replace the exhaust system and then how to do it once you’ve decided to swap out the OEM exhaust. Due to individual state laws and regulations most bikes, be it street racing bikes, custom cruisers or dirt bikes have restrictions placed on the decibel levels of a motorcycle exhaust.

The Motorcycle And Its Use By The US Army – World War II

The US Army made extensive use of the motorcycle during world war II. It was used to greater effect in the western theater of the war and served a variety of roles, such as: communication, patrolling, dispatch rider duties, and police work. The mainstay of the US Army was the Harley Davidson.

Top 6 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Pit Bikes

When looking for a entry level dirt bike or just want to get into the sport at a low cost many factors determine the buying decision of a conscious buyer. Below I have outlined the most common objections people told me when I asked them why they didn’t purchase the bike.

What Dirt Bike Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions I hear when people start getting interested in dirt bikes is, “What dirt bike should I buy?” This is a very good question, but the answer can vary greatly. The decision doesn’t necessarily depend on your age, although you don’t really want to stick a 6 year old on a big 450cc motocross bike. These are the main deciding factors on which bike you should buy.

Motorcycle LED Lights – Your Motorcycle Accessories!

Motorcycle LED lights are certainly becoming very much popular in the present world. You certainly can manage to find these one everything starting from a two seat scooter to expensive buck choppers and everything that just lies in between these two categories. In case you are just thinking of getting all the leap and lightening for your motorcycle then there are certain things that you may have to keep in mind before purchasing these motorcycle LED lights.

Motorcycle Chrome Review – Blue Job Chrome Polish

I stopped by the local Harley shop yesterday; my wife loves to shop in the clearance section. She found a nice sweatshirt on sale. I went and looked at chrome polish and cleaners. They had Blue Job Chrome Polish, one of the products I’ve wanted to try. They claim that it can remove bluing from exhaust pipes. My top exhaust pipe is turning light gold, and I would love to be able to remove it.

Tips For Buying Ladies Motorcycle Helmets Online

The prices are great and you can save a lot of money, but buying a motorcycle helmet online can be tricky. You need a helmet that fits properly for both safety and comfort reasons. Here are some simple tips that can make the task a little easier.

5mm LEDs – Sure Lights For Your Bikes

5mm LEDs certainly do make use of very little power and the best part is that these types certainly are never affected by any type of vibrations and never get heated up and the best part is that this type is always waterproof, so this is one of the main reasons why most of the bikers and stunt people make use of these lights for decorating their bikes. You can also get these lights in different variety of colors starting from simple red and blur to the very latest neon types and they can always be installed at any place easily and you can always be sure that they are just working perfectly.

My Helmet My Choice and Florida’s Helmet Law

Dressing in full gear to ride a motorcycle in Florida can prove to be a challenge. Between the heat and the just darn beautiful weather, letting the wind blow through your hair is very appealing. Florida is famous for rendezvous’s like Daytona Bike Week in the Spring, Biketober Fest and the West Coast Biker Rally in the fall. Attracting hundreds of thousands of motorcyclist yearly, many of these riders are not your hardcore bikers, they are likely to be family oriented people who share a passion for the wind.

Buying a Cheap Electric Scooter

Buying a cheap electric scooter has gained popularity among many young adults. The thrill and fun of riding on one of those scooters is exciting and thrilling while traveling around small towns and cities.

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