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Pocket Bikes – A Story of Experimentation to Sensation

One-fourth the size of original racing bikes but having other features as exact replica of normal racing bikes…that is how we can describe a Pocket bike. These types of bikes are 50 cms in height and about 1 meter in length.

Pocket Bikes – An All in One Package, From “Dirt Bikes” to Racing Bikes

Can you guess, what did the great racer Valentino Rossi practice in at the beginning of his career, before he came into full-fledged bike racing? Well, it was Pocket bike racing.

Pocket Bikes – An Overview

What does the name Pocket bike suggest? A bike that can be carried in a pocket or rather a toy bike? Well, may be not literally but it is precisely so when it comes to size. But when it comes to action, it has greater stories than just being a toy.

Tidbits About Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes are fascinating smaller versions of Grand Prix motorcycles. Hence they look like miniature sport bikes and are also used for racing, but on kart racing tracks instead of original Grand Prix racing tracks.

Motorbike Safety Numbers

The safety of motorcyclists is a very important matter that should get some extra attention. The fatality rate for motorcycle drivers is much higher than for car drivers.

Hot Weather and Motorcycle Riding

Riding a motorcycle during the summer can be an enjoyable experience and can save on costly gasoline prices. Between great mile-per-gallon fuel efficiency and the feeling of being a part of the open road, motorcycle trips in summertime weather seem ideal for most riders. However, some riders forget just how hot it can get in the summer months in most of the United States, and how wearing full protective gear can raise body temperature.

Motorcycle Burnouts

Burnouts are popular moves for motorcycle enthusiasts to try when they feel comfortable enough with their skills and abilities. However, trying this trick in traffic can have disastrous results, as mechanical failures can lead to a crash or changes in tire handling can cause inexperienced riders to lose control. Among riders, the burnout is something of an iconic trick. In reality, though, it has no place on public roads, and, if riders are so daring to try to complete one, specially designated private property should be utilized.

Don’t Be Confused by Mobility Scooter Jargon!

Cryptic owner’s manual terms got you down? Start here with a brief primer on some of the terms that are commonly used in mobility scooter product documentation!

Important Points That You Must Remember When Buying a Bike

When you buy a bike it is important that you keep a few important points in mind. Here are some points that will help you in your buying decision.

Which Motorcycle Alarm System is Right For You?

With all the new fangled alarm systems out there how do you know which one works the best. This article will show you a little bit about how each of the top motorcycle security system features.

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