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Build You Own Chopper – Things to Consider Before You Start

When it comes to people wanting to learn more about how to build a custom chopper they will find that the internet is a great source of information. Today not only will you be directed towards sites where you can arrange for one to be built for you but places where you have the opportunity to build your own from scratch.

Brain Injuries Or Death on a Motorcycle

Statistics across the nation are showing an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents that result in personal injuries such as broken shoulders, broken or crushed bones, soft tissue damage and brain damage – often called Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. The facts are that the National Highway Traffic Administration reports over 38,000 deaths as a result of motorcycle crashes between 1976 and 1999. One may only conclude, and rightfully so, that the numbers have not gone down in the intervening years.

Should Motorcycle Part Manufacturers State Where Their Parts Are Made?

It s my point of view that there are both good and bad motorcycle parts made here in the US …and in Europe, China, Korea and of course all over the world. It is also my daily professional observation that there is a lot of hypocrisy from those in the US, manufacturers, distributors, dealers and buyers of parts pretending to support the national economy.

Buy a Moped Scooter Online – And Don’t Get Screwed!

It’s Scooter Moped Time! For most of the country, the weather is beginning to get mild, gas prices are going up again, you are trying to do your part to clean up the environment. So, What do you do? Why, you buy a scooter or moped of course. Buying a moped scooter online can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Motorcycle Repair Manual

Many people find difficult to restore or repair their motorcycle. One of the reasons could be, that most of us are not too handy, specially if we need to deal with a complicated technical issue. Don’t worry about this, that’s fine. You are not alone with this problem. Probably you could do it if you would have a Motorcycle Repair Manual. Without a detailed, step-by-step instruction everyone feels lost a bit.

Motorbike Jacket – Leather Or Textile For Safety

When considering a motorbike jacket, safety is the top consideration. The windbreaker look might not be as memorable as the leather motorbike jacket, but they can be every bit as good where safety matters.

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

A helmet is used by everyone who uses a motor cycle as it offers protection to your head while riding. These helmets are made from high quality fiber glass which is very light and strong. You can use these helmets for your biking trips also as they can be hanged on the bike directly with the use of helmet lock. These motor cycles can travel up to 300 plus as they are fast. Talking with each other at these speeds is impossible as you can hardly hear the other person. In such situations a intercom will be handy. It helps in conversation with other riders or the pillion. It is affixed inside the help with a clip mechanism.

Middle-Aged Motorcycle Mama – Group Rides and Skill Levels

When riding in a group, a beginning motorcycle driver can feel pressured to keep up with everyone else. This can be dangerous.

A Beginners Guide to Pit Bikes and Mini Motos

Many will have heard about or know someone who owns a mini moto (a small motorbike) and may be interested in owning one of these hugely fun machines for themselves. This short guide should give you some valuable pointers as to what to look out for and what to expect. Moto racing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason!

Learning How to Do a Wheelie

Wheelies can be fun but at the same time very dangerous which is why it is always a good thing to KNOW what you are doing when attempting a exercise as such. Learn how do do the two different types of basic wheelies and be safe while doing them.

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