2021 Apollo Phantom | Five Minute Close UP

OhManDan Shares a Close UP of The Phantom’s Record Changing Improvements

Different Motorcycles For Different Customers

Basically the term motorcycles can be termed as the type of cycle which is monitored by motor engines. There are many similarities between the motorcycles and the cycles. The motorcycles are a form of cycles which are developed from the time to time to offer the highest level of safety, comfort, security, enjoyment, enthusiasm, fun, and so on. Here the motorcycles were detailed with all the aspects and factors they are offering.

Davida Retro Style Helmets

If you are thinking about replacing your old motorcycle helmet, you should consider buying only helmets which are either DOT or Snell certified. The Snell certification process is extremely thorough (and subsequent costs are generally passed onto the consumers).

Planning Tips For Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle touring is a truly rewarding experience as you can witness scenic delights, breathtaking views, and other natural wonders in full view of your eyes. There are guided motorcycle tours available, but you can always explore on your own.

KTM 50 Senior Adventure Dirt Bike

Motocross is one such form of motor sports that uses motorcycles. It is also called all-terrain vehicle racing and it takes place in closed off- road circuits specially designed for this type of racing. The motor bikes used in such races are called dirt bikes. They are different from normal sport bikes and road bikes because they are designed in such a way so that they can handle the rough and uneven terrain they are supposed to be ridden on. There are many companies who manufacture various types of dirt bikes.

A Quick Review of the KTM 50 Mini Adventure

If you are looking for a good starter bike for your little one, you could certainly do worse than pick up the KTM 50 Mini Adventure. The bike is designed for children aged three and up, and is an excellent introductory bike, but one that still packs some punch. The bike is preferred by most because of its speed, and the reputation of KTM in the motocross world. The seat can be adjusted from 650mm upwards meaning that should there be any accidents, the rider won’t have fall to far, preventing possible injuries. The KTM Mini Adventure uses a 49 cc, single cylinder two stroke engine that runs on a fuel and oil mixture. It is a kick start bike, with a single gear automatic transmission, long suspension travel, and has a fuel capacity of around half a gallon.

What to Expect From Guided Motorcycle Tours

Road trips on your motorcycle are one of the highly increasing activities for tourists nowadays. The ability to experience new places and bask in the scenic view of the places you have been to is one of the reasons why tourists like to participate in guided motorcycle tours. There are a lot of tourists and travel companies who specialize in offering such services to interest clients, especially tourists.

Dirt Bikes Rising in Popularity

Over the last 10 years the amount of dirt bikes getting on the dirt has been unreal. There are so many manufacturers trying to do better then the others that dirt bike technology have come a long ways. With all this competition the advertising budgets have been fierce and more people then ever are riding dirt bikes.

Harley Davidson – A Sneak Peek at the 2011 New Models

Hi all you Harley Davidson lovers just thought I would give you some insight into Harley Davidsons new models for 2011. So let’s take a look at the three top Harley Davidson models for 2011.

Motorcycle Accidents – Understanding the Common Causes

Motorcycles have become more and more popular over the years with thousands of riders taking to the streets either for sport or recreation. While the thought of feeling the wind on your face while riding a motorcycle is appealing to many people, riders are faced with many risks every time they step on the bike, especially when other motorists fail to see them on the road. Ultimately, understanding the reasons why motorcycle accidents occur can help both drivers and motorcyclists make safer decisions when sharing the road.

Stay Safe and In Control On Your Motorized Scooter

Motorized scooters are a fast growing means of transport. It is well worth taking the time to learn to ride one safely before going onto the open road. Here are a few tips.

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