➦ Original Kaabo Mantis Pro dual motor e-scooter 2000W LG battery 60V 24.5Ah 18.2Ah electric scoote

Want To sell Original Kaabo Mantis Pro dual motor e-scooter 2000W LG battery 60V 24.5Ah 18.2Ah electric scooter foldable Full-hydraulic brake https://bella78baqueta.blogspot.com/search/original-kaabo-mantis-pro-dual-motor-e-scooter-2000w-lg-battery-60v-24-5ah-18-2ah-electric-scooter-foldable-full-hydraulic-brake/4000604721861.html (Read More)

Original Kaabo Mantis Pro dual motor e-scooter 2000W LG battery 60V 24.5Ah 18.2Ah electric scooter foldable Full-hydraulic brake Details as follows :
Certification: ce
Power: 1001-2000w
Foldable: Yes
Origin: CN(Origin)
Voltage: 52
Applicable People: Unisex
Charging Time: 8-10h
Range Per Charge: 100
Category: Two-wheel Scooter
Model Number: Kaabo Mantis
Tire Size: 10 inch
Other information can be obtained via https://bella78baqueta.blogspot.com/search/original-kaabo-mantis-pro-dual-motor-e-scooter-2000w-lg-battery-60v-24-5ah-18-2ah-electric-scooter-foldable-full-hydraulic-brake/4000604721861.html Original Kaabo Mantis Pro dual motor e-scooter 2000W LG battery 60V 24.5Ah 18.2Ah electric scooter foldable Full-hydraulic brake Buy Online

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